Designer & Co-Founder

Communikite is a location-based classifieds board that lets users discover and offer opportunities to people in their vicinity.

The Park

We wanted to create a platform that is practical, intuitive and fun to use.
After giving it a lot of thought we realized that using lists or maps wouldn't deliver the user experience we were looking for. Instead, we came up with a different approach: The kite park.
The park is a representation of the physical vicinity of the user. Each message that is posted on the platform will appear as a kite. The user is able to scan the surroundings in 360 degrees and find and view kites nearby. Each of the kites shows basic information, content and the ability to post a comment or contact the kite sender directly.

Parents looking for playdates

A bar announces a live music event

Football enthusiasts looking for players to join an afternoon game

Giving away a free dining table


Kites Content

The kites can contain different types of media, text and customized settings, allowing the user to be in full control of the posting.

Visual Upgrades

  • Special effects
  • Kite decorations
  • A selection of lively and expressive animations for the different kite elements

In-app Purchases

Custom kites and branded profile pages