Senior UX Designer
iOS, Android, Responsive

GoEuro is a multi-mode search tool that compares and combines rail, air, bus, and car for European destinations.

GoEuro connects directly with over 350 rail and bus companies in 12 countries in Europe. The company has raised over 150m USD and is considered to one of Berlin’s startup scene biggest promises.

One design to rule them all

When I joined GoEuro, our iOS, Android, and mobile web platforms were different from each other in terms of features, maturity and user journeys. This experience inconsistency between the platforms made maintenance a nightmare. Moreover, testing and validating new features was complex and inefficient.
The design team has received the task to align the different platforms around one concept that works. Following down are the highlights of the process:

a picture I took during a personas study we have conducted


Heading for such a big commitment, and investing the time and resources that are required for a redesign, we had to understand better what we have and what others do that we can learn from. The highlights of the process include an intensive personas study, variety of interviews and field testings.

Four Design Principles

Armed with big and small insights about our product and its user experience, we were finally ready to start the design process. We started first by defining design guidelines that we felt were the most relevant for the special requirements of our product.

1. Simplicity

We don’t make the user think.

2. Functionality

“Better safe than pretty”: We don't compromise usability for better visual appearance.

3. Transparency 

We are honest with our users.

4. Context 

We put everything in context. Context helps our users to understand what they are looking at.


The Results: Android App and Mobile Web Redesign


Checkout Flow Redesign

A navigation concept for the checkout flow, where the existing single page form is broken into small and digestible steps.

Methodology: Modular Design

By using a modular design approach, we could overcome the challenge of having a single flow to cover the different use cases, travel modes, and providers.